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University of Miami, BFA Drama/Design

Miami, Florida  33165

United Scenic Artists Local 829

(C) 305-389-0664

IATSE Local 477

Email: genessastuff@gmail.com


Website: www.genessa-scenicartist.com



   Project               Position

Production Designer, Art Director



THE RIGHT STUFF – Season 1 - Scenic Forman

Derek Hill, John Richardson, Andrew White

DAVID MAKES MAN - Scenic Foreman Mark Garner, Andrew White
THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN - Scenic Foreman, Florida Locations Molly Hughes, Martin Foley
BEACH BUMS – Scenic Artist Elliott Hostetter, Mark Harrington
BLOODLINE -  Seasons 1,2,3 - Scenic Foreman Tim Galvin, Kevin Hardison, Scott Anderson Scott Murphy, Jason Stewart
DOLPHIN TALE 2 - Scenic Foreman David Bomba, Mark Garner
PAIN and GAIN - Scenic Foreman Jeffrey Beecroft, Sebastian Schroeder
MAGIC CITY - Seasons 1,2 - Scenic Foreman, Scenic Artist Carlos Barbosa, Adam Davis, Amy Maier
CHARLIE’S ANGELS Pilot - Scenic Foreman Ruth Ammon, Sandy Getzler
DOLPHIN TALE - Scenic Foreman Michael Corenblith, Richard Fojo
THE GLADES – Scenic Foreman Jonathan Carlson, Hugh D.G. Moody
MARLEY & ME - Scenic Foreman Stuart Wurtzel, Steven Graham

RECOUNT - Scenic Foreman

Patty Podesta, Christopher Tandon

BOLDEN - Scenic Foreman

Charles Breen, Brian Stultz

MIAMI VICE (Feature Film) - Scenic Artist

Victor Kempster, Seth Reed

KAREN SISCO  - Scenic Foreman

Michael Hanan, Mark Harrington

OUT OF TIME - Scenic Foreman

Paul Peters, Gary Kosko

THE HOURS  - Head Scenic Artist, Hollywood, FL

Maria Djuarkovic, Judy Rhee

BIG TROUBLE  -  Scenic Foreman

Garreth Stover, Mark Harrington

FOR LOVE OR COUNTRY - Head Scenic Artist

Charles Bennett, Cecele Destefano


Stuart Craig, Steve Graham

ANALYZE THIS - Standby, Miami Locations

Wynn Thomas, Carlos Menendez

HOLY  MAN - Scenic Foreman

Andrew McAlpine, James Tocci

WILD THINGS - Scenic Foreman

Ed McAvoy, Bill Hiney

TITANIC - Lead Scenic with Dominic Cetani, David Wescott,             and Cheryl Johnson

Peter Lamont, Neil Lamont, Charles Lee,  Martin Lang

GONE FISHIN' - Head Scenic Artist

Larry Miller, Michael Rizzo

STRIPTEASE - Scenic Artist

Mel Bourne

FAIR GAME - Head Scenic Artist

Jim Spencer, Bill Matthews

BAD BOYS - Standby Painter

John Vallone, Peter Politanoff

KEYS - (TV Pilot) Head Scenic Artist

Nina Ruscio

TRUE LIES - Scenic Artist

Peter Lamont, Neil Lamont

COP AND A HALF - Head Scenic Artist

Maria Caso

BODYGUARD - Standby Painter, Miami Locations

Jeffrey Beacroft,William Skinner

SESSIONS - Head Scenic Artist Florida Locations

Jay Moore

FOLKS - Head Scenic Artist

William Creber

CAPE FEAR - Head Scenic Artist

Henry Bumstead, Jack Taylor

MANNEQUIN 2 ON THE MOVE - Head Scenic Artist

William Creber, Norman Dodge

ROBOCOP 2 - Head Scenic Artist

Peter Jamison, Pam Marcotte

MIAMI VICE (TV Series) - Scenic Artist

Jeffrey Howard, Joel Lang,                              Pam Marcotte, Peter Politanoff

WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S - Head Scenic Artist

Peter Jamison, Michael Novotny

FAR NORTH - Head Scenic Artist for Miniatures

Peter Jamison, Pam Marcotte

MONEY PIT - Standby, Miami Locations

Patrizia Von Brandenstein

CHARLIE HANNAH - (TV Pilot) Head Scenic Artist

Bill Groom, Bill Maxwell

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Standby, Miami Location

William Cassidy, Bill Matthews

PORKY'S REVENGE - Scenic Artist

Peter Wooley

LOUISIANA - (HBO Miniseries) Head Scenic Artist

Jack McAdam

PORKY'S THE NEXT DAY - Scenic Artist  


Head Scenic Artist for over sixty commercials since 1981.

Clients have included:

Art Directors include:

Capri Sonne

Folgers Coffee


Tim Connelly

Peter Politanoff

Carnival Cruise Lines


Pepsi Cola

Michael Doyle

Phil Schneider




Paul Mazer

Billy Taylor

DeBeers Diamonds

Miller Beer

Yago Sangria

Jane Musky


Eastern Airlines






Charge artists and lead scenics I have worked with in stage and film include:

Arnold Abramson

Louie Bowen

Steve Kerlagon

Tom Smith

John Balling

Roland Brooks

Ricky Riggs

Susan Inge Wood

Cliff Benson

Jose Duarte

Larry Shepard

Chris Woodworth






STUDIO SOUTH - Staff Scenic Artist 1992 - 1995; Arnold Abramson Owner/Chargeman. Scenic supplier.  Clients included NYC Ballet; Broadway Tours of CATS; Miami City Ballet; George Lucas Super Live Adventure-Japan; and SUNSET BOULEVARD-American Premiere.

MIAMI STAGECRAFT - Staff Scenic Artist 1982 - 1994, Chargeperson 1993 - 1994; Frank Martin, Owner.  Scenic supplier for regional theaters, opera, ballet, commercials, industrials, pageants, and revues.  Clients included:

Greater Miami Opera

Marcelo Productions

Coconut Grove Playhouse

Miller Reich Productions

Miami City Ballet

Jean Ann Ryan Productions

Zev Bufman Enterprises / PACE


Norwegian Caribbean Cruise Lines


Carnival Cruise Lines


Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines


Miss Universe, Inc

Pepsi Cola

FLORIDA GRAND OPERA - 2009 - 2010 Chargeperson for 5 operas  

ASOLO SCENIC STUDIOS - 2007 Scenic Artist for A TALE OF TWO CITIES pre-Broadway tour


GABLESTAGE - Scenic Artist: 1 production 2005; 1 production 2008


BALLET GAMONET - Chargeperson 1 production 2005; Scene Designer and Chargeperson 1 production 2006; Chargeperson 1 production 2007


THREE STAGES STUDIO - 2000 Chargeperson for DIALOGUES OF THE CARMELITE, Glimmerglass/NYC Opera


COCONUT GROVE PLAYHOUSE - Resident Chargeperson for more than 30 productions 1978 - 1983; 10 productions 1983 - 1988, 3 productions 1996, 4 productions 1997, 2 productions 1998, 3 productions 1999, 2 productions 2000, 1 production 2002, 2 productions 2003, 2 productions 2004, 2 productions 2006


NEW WORLD SCHOOL OF THE ARTS - 1996 - 1997, 2010 Chargeperson for 3 productions.


BARRY UNIVERSITY - 1997 Chargeperson for 1 production.


ACTORS PLAYHOUSE - 1994 Chargeperson for 2 productions.


THEATRE VIRGINIA - 1992 Chargeperson for SCARAMOUCHE -World Premiere.


ALABAMA SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL - 1987, 1989 - Chargeperson or Scenic Artist for 4 productions.


TALLAHASSEE  BALLET  COMPANY - 1986, 1994- Chargeperson for  THE  NUTCRACKER.


FLORIDA STATE OPERA - 1985, 1986, 1992, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 - Chargeperson for 9 operas.


Designers Include


Michael Anania

Clark Dunham

Steven Lambert

James Riley

Carlos Arditi

Lowell Detweiller

Gerard Leahy

John Scheffler

André Barbe

Donald Eastman

Keven Lock

Tom Smith

Robert Barnes

Dex Edwards

Tom Lynch

Robert Soeul

John Lee Beatty

Michael Essad

Paul Mazer

Michael Stauffer

Peter Dean Beck

David Gordon

Jim Morgan

Tony Straegis

Nicola Benois

John Haupte

John Napier

David Trimble

David Campbell

John Jensen

Bill O’Connell

Tony Walton

Bill Clarke

Charles Allan Klein

Robert O’Hearn

Cal Warren

Tim Connelly

Fred Kolo

Rob Oderisio

Mark Weiss

Faye Conway

Kenneth Kurtz

Jeffrey Quinn

Michael Yeargan

David Crank





Sign and costume painting, display work, faux finishes, and murals.

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